About us

About us

About Us

In October 1983, Peter Andreou wrote an ambitious goal in his organizer. To become an inspiring and dynamic trainer, like the one he was listening to, on the Time Management Programme he was attending.

At the time it seemed remote, as he was in the computer industry, a sales executive in ICL, in the UK. Yet he carried this goal with him for many years, revisiting it frequently in his mind and in his organizer.

In 1985 he moved to Cyprus, and in 1988, when the company he was working for was sold, Peter made the bold move, not only to move into the arena of training, but also to set up his own Training Company. At the time, “soft skills” training was almost unheard of in Cyprus, and many tried to discourage him from undertaking something so risky.

Peter’s conviction in the power of good training enabled him to set up his company and promote it successfully in Cyprus, growing the business year on year. In 1990, PeopleAchieve expanded its territory, holding its first training programme in the Middle East. Since then, the company has conducted projects for leading multi-nationals in the region, such as GSK, PepsiCo and Batelco. PeopleAchieve has been training in various European countries since 2000.

Today, PeopleAchieve continues with ambitious goals, to stay strong in the current economic environment, never forgetting that it all started back in 1983 with the strong conviction and passion behind an improbable goal.